Monoblock Pump

  1. Impellers are mounted back-to-back so as to balance the axial thrust. Delivery of each casing is 180 degree apart , resulting balancing of radial load. This unique design ensures longer life for bearings
  2. Ability to withstand high voltage fluctuations (300-440 V AC)
  3. Non-overloading power curve over the operating head range.
  4. Top flat efficiency curve for the operating range
  5. High suction lift up to 6mts.
  6. Other voltage can be given on request
  7. SI duty pumps.

Monoblock Pumps




Head Range


Single Stage

Up to 40 HP

Up to 125 mm

78 m (7.8 Bar)

135 m3/h (2300 lpm)

Two Stage

Up to 30 HP

Up to 80 mm

100 m (10 Bar)

72 m3/h (1210 lpm)