Standard Motor


Established in 1981, LHP is a reputed manufacturer of a wide  range of  high-quality  motors up  to  355  L Frame (315 kW). The range includes various types of motors such  as Standard Induction, Geared, Brake,  Dual  Speed, Non- Sparking, Crane & Hoist Duty and Special Purpose Motors to name only a few. The range has been proving its worth for different applications in various industries. LHP Motor is the preferred choice of major corporates, MNCs & OEMs due  to the product quality, performance, timely deliveries and competitive prices.

The  ISO 9001-2000 certification, CE mark,  3 BIS licences and National Awards for Quality Products have made LHP Motors the customer's 'First Choice'.

Range Upto315kW
RPM 3000,1500,1000,750 (sychronous)
Mounting for Standard Motors Foot (B-3), Flange (B-5), Face (B-14) and combinations
Frame 63 to 355 L
Protection IP 55
Insulation F Class
Voltage 415 V, 380 V or as per requirement
Frequency 50 HZ / 60 HZ or as per requirement
Duty S1



Machine   tools,    Textiles,    Air   conditioning,   Diar y equipments,  Material   handling   equipment,   Material handling   equipment,   Pollution   control   equipment, Packaging   machiner y,   Cooling    towers    and  Civil construction machinery, Cement industries, Paper & Steel.

Applicable Standards

IS: 4722(BS4999) Rotating electrical machine
IS: 325(IEC34-1) Specification for phase induction motors
IS: 4889(IEC34-2) Method of determination of efficiency of rotating electrical machines
IS: 4691(IEC34-5) Degrees of protection provided by enclosure for rotating electrical machinery
IS: 1231 Dimensions of 3 phase foot mounted Standard motors
IS: 2223 Dimensions of 3 phase flange mounted induction motors


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