Encoder Motor

  1. Salient features of Incremental encoders fitted to the LHP Motors  
  2. The incremental encoders comes with a very sturdy bearing construction with its safety lock design.  Very large interlocked bearings and large bearing span ensure critical stability with vibration and  tolerance of installation errors.
  3. A solid die cast housing and radial shaft seal make the incremental encoder ideal for use along with motor in out door harsh applications.
  4. The encoders are integrated under the fan cowl.


Motor Details

Range Upto 315 Kw
Pole 2,4,6,8
Mounting Foot ( B3), Flange ( B-5 ), Face ( B-14 ), and combinations
Frame 63 to 355 L
Protection IP 55
Ambient Temp 50°C
Frequency Range 100 to 60% of Rated Frequency.
Torque upto 60% of Rated Frequency constant torque application.


Encoder Details

Type Incremental with Hollow shaft
Max. Speed 6000 RPM
Operating Temperature 40 to 70 degrees C
Protection IP 67
Type of connection 1m PVC Cable or Plug without mating connector
Resolution (PPR) 1024, 1500, 2000, 2048, 4096 and Max. Upto 5000
Out put RS 422 / TTL / HTL
Input Voltage 5V or 10V - 30V