Causes and Remedies

Causes Remedies
a) Load of mechanism coming on motor.
b) The range of instrument selected for Checking the current is not suitable.
c) Voltage at motor Terminals may be more than rated voltage of motor.
d) Supply frequency less than rated frequency of motor.
e) Unbalance supply voltage.
f) Loose connection in supply cables.
g) Wrong connection in stator.
a) De-couple the motor from the mechanism verify the current with Test Certificates.
b) Select instrument having range 2 to 3 times of value to be measured.
c) Correct the supply voltage by auto transformer.
d) Check the supply frequency and correct the supply voltage at terminals by using following formula at 50hz-415v site frequency. Test volts = 415 x Supply Frequency
e) Run the motor for full load current is not exceeding rated current then performance of motor can be guaranteed.
f) Locate and tightened a screw.
g) Correct the connection.