MD's Desk - Mr. Sharadkrishna Thakre


Mr. Sharadkrishna Thakre


Thank you for visiting our website and your keen interest in building a relationship with LHP. I am confident that the contents of the website will reaffirm your faith on LHP as a company committed to high quality in every walk of life and ensure delight for every stakeholder. With our inherent strengths, we are aspiring to assert our significant presence in the global market. Our vision, with carefully planned actions, will certainly help us to reach our goals very soon.
The fast-paced developments at LHP are taking shape in every facet of our business.
We are leading on the marketing front by enhancing our interface and reaching new markets - domestic and global, establishing base at more locations, inducting skilled team members and intensifying our promotional activities.
Technology development is the key to success for LHP. Intense efforts are being made to introduce new products through technology tie-ups and in-house developments. Sophisticated development tools, manufacturing technologies and quality assurance systems are being rapidly introduced.
At LHP, greater emphasis is being laid on upgrading Information Technology as a tool to make our operations more efficient as well as customer- focused. This includes streamlining every operation right from anticipating customer requirements to ensuring efficient service, the ordering process, production planning, manufacturing and logistics.
I am confident that getting associated with LHP will be a rewarding experience for you.
If you are an existing or a prospective client, I am sure you will find the most appropriate solution at LHP for each of your requirements with an assurance of quality, reliability, safety, service and true value for your money.
..... As an investor willing to participate in our ambitious growth plans, be assured of rich dividends and a secured future. I am sure you will join me with pride in this association.
..... As an employee, you will find right opportunities at LHP to showcase your competencies to the outside world besides gaining a rewarding and enjoyable experience as a part of the committed LHP Team.
..... And as a quality-conscious vendor of LHP, you will find a reliable business associate who will partner you on the fast track of growth.
Welcome to an enriching experience. Welcome to LHP.