Fault, Causes and Remedies

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Fault Heading Fault Causes and Remedies
Product Type : Induction Motor
Induction Motor Motor starts and gets trips (star delta starter)
  Motor connected but does not picks up full speed.
  Motors runs and then stops.
  Motor does not achieve full speed.
  Motor takes too long to accelerate
  Starting speed less or motor does not start. (Single Phase motor)
  Winding burnt due to single phasing
  Wrong rotation
  Motor rotating in both direction in case of 1 (symbol)motor
  Motor not running incase of duel speed motor.
  Motor shaft not free
  Excess Full Load current.
Excess on load current Excess no load current in case of 415v/50hz std. Motor.
Induction Motor Abnormal unbalanced current in 3 phases.
  Motor overheates while running on load.