Instructions on Installation, operation and maintenance : Electric Motor


  • Please check the motor packing of transit damage. If any damage is observed, please report to Lhp-representative
  • Unpack the motor carefully and make sure that right type of motor as ordered by you is received. Check the motor for breakage and missing parts. In case of any problem, report immediately to Lhp-representative.

Customers are requested to inspect the product after receiving at their end. Any external damage to the product shall be reported immediately to our office for necessary action.

Storage :

  • If the motor is not to be installed immediately, store it in a clean and dry place. Do not remove rust preventive applied on machined surfaces and shaft extn. till you want to use it.
  • In case of storage for a long period, motor should be run at least on NO LOAD condition 'for 5-1 0 minutes at least once in three months to avoid pitting of bearing.

Installation :

  • Ensure that insulation - resistance of motor is not less than 1 M. ohm, when measured using 500V D. C. Megger. In case, it is less, dry out the stator according to IEC.
  • Before installation ensure that the declared voltage and frequency on nameplate of motor correspond to supply, Also speed declared on nameplate of motor, correspond to that of driven machine.
  • Remove anti-corrosion coating applied on shaft and machined surface of motor with petrol, white spirit or kerosene. Do not scrape for removing the coating.
  • Ensure that
    • Surface on which the motor is to be mounted is machined,levelled, flat and clean.
    • All rotating parts i.e. coupling/pinion/pulley are dynamically balanced.
  • Tapped hole is provided at the shaft end for mounting the pulley/coupling on the shaft using special tackle.
    NOTE : Do not hammer to fit or remove the coupling as it may damage bearing.
  • Flexible coupling is preferred. In case of non-flexible coupling, ensure the perfect alignment. Inaccurate alignment will result into undesigned stress on bearing and noisy running/vibration.
  • Before starting the motor ensure that all mtg. screws are securely tightened.
  • Connection : Use appropriate cable size Connect earthing properly Earthing provision is made in T. Box & on body. Make the connection (Star/Delta) as per connection diagram provided in the terminal box.
    Ensure that all connection nuts/screws are securely tightened. Excessive tightening pressure to terminal stud may result in breakage of the block/stud.
    Use starter with single phasing preventer & overload relay. - • Direction of rotation in all single phase motors is clockwise unless specified in R O. Please refer connection diagram on terminal box for reversing direction of rotation if required.

Operation :

Start the motor after installation is done properly. It will give a desired performance.
Note : The temperature of the motor, judged by hand - feeling could be misleading. In case of suspected over-heating, the actual temperature should be measured with the thermometer and should be compared with permissible surface temperature of 90JC.

Preventive Maintenance :

  • Clean the space between the cooling fins and fan cover at regular intervals.
  • Check/clean earthing terminals at regular intervals.
  • Bearings for the motor used are double shielded (ZZ) upto 225M frame. They are prelubricated with high temperature grease and maintenance free. Replacing of bearings after 40,000 operating hours is essential. Use ZZ bearings only.
  • When the motor is opened, protect bearings from foreign particles and dirt.
  • In case of IP54/55 protection motors, oil seals/V1 ring seals are provided. Make sure that these seals are not distorted during disassembly & reassembly. Apply small amount of grease to the lip during re-assembly. There should not be any clearance between cable OD and cable gland ID to ensure water tight joint. Also ensure that gaskets are fixed in the T. Box joffit to ensure water tightness.
Note: If the motor is used for gearbox or other similar application then it is recommended to use oil seals instead of V ring seals.

Dismantling the Motor :

  • Before dismantling the motor disconnect it from the supply.
  • Remove the pulley/pinion fitted on shaft extension using suitable puller.
  • Refer to cross sectional drawing, given in the manual.
  • Remove the shaft key. (Part No. 07)
  • Remove the fan cover by taking out its mtg. screw.
  • Remove the fan with help of screw driver after taking out split pin (15) / washer and nut. Remove the fan locking key.
  • Remove'the bolts (18) and take out NDE endcover using screw driver and tapping it slowly.
  • Remove the bolts (18) and take out DE endcover (2) / Flange (2) alongwith rotor assembly shaft, Rotor (10) and bearing (5). In case of CSIR/CSCR motors remove the governor of the switch by loosening its locknut. Remove the centrifugal switch. Disconnect it from terminals.
  • Remove the bearing cover screw & washer (24) and loosen the bearing cover.
  • Remover the end cover / flange using mallet for tapping slowly. Now the rotor assembly is free from both end shields.
  • Remove Bearing (DE) & (NDE) using suitable bearing puller.
  • Remove the bearing cover.
  • Remove the terminal box cover (20) by taking out mtg. screws (21).
  • Disconnect winding leads from terminal studs & disconnect the capacitor.
  • Remove terminal block by taking out its mtg. screw using screw driver.

Reassembly :

  • Clean the parts throughly before taking them for re-assembly.
  • All sharp edges, dent marks, burrs shall be removed.
  • The worn out / damaged parts shall be replaced.
  • Mount the bearing on NDE side using mounting sleeve/ hydraulic press.
  • Insert bearing cover then mount bearing on DE side.
  • Mount oil seal (If replaced) in the DE end cover/flange.
  • Mount DE end cover/flange on DE bearing.
  • Tighten the bearing cover using bearing cover screw & washer.
  • Insert rotor assembly from DE side in the stator bore.
  • Mount NDE end cover on motor frame by fixing bolts.
    In case of CSIR/CSCR - 1Ph. Motors mount C.F. switch on N.D.E. End cover, mount governer on shaft and lock it using nut. Check operation of the switch manually.
  • Check the freeness of the rotorshaft by rotating it manually.
  • Mount the fan using split pin / key and washer.
  • Mount fan cover on NDE cover using screws and washer. 1 1 Carryout connection of the motors as per connection diagram & run the motor.

Note :

  • Ensure that terminal connections are made as per the connection diagram provided.
  • Couple the motor with driven equipment and start the motor. It will give you the desired performance.

Framewise Bearing Sizes
Frame size Bearing No.
63 6201 ZZ C3 6201 ZZ C3
71 6203 ZZ C3 6203 ZZ C3
80 6204 ZZ C3 6204 ZZ C3
90 S/L 6205 ZZ C3 6304/6205ZZ C3
100 L 6206 ZZ C3 6206 ZZ C3
112 M 6206 ZZ C3 6206 ZZ C3
132 S/M 6308 ZZ C3 6208 ZZ C3
160 M/L 6309 ZZ C3 6209 ZZ C3
180 M 6310 ZZ C3 6210 ZZ C3
200 L 6312 ZZ C3 6312 ZZ C3
225 S/M 6313 ZZ C3 6313 ZZ C3
250M 6314 C3 6214 C3
280 S/M 6318 C3 6316 C3
315 S/M/L 6319 C3 6219 C3
355 S/M/L 6322 C3 6322 C3